Laser Cataract Surgery Testimonials

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Patient Testimonials

"My optometrist told me in 2015 that I had cataracts in both eyes and that there was nothing more that he could do to correct my vision. I asked him for suggestions for an ophthalmologist, and one of his recommendations was Dr. Ryan Boland. At least one person from our church group had cataract surgery done by him and was well pleased. I had been to the Georgia Eye Institute where the cataract diagnosis was confirmed, but decided to check Dr. Boland out. Never having been to the Boland Eye Center before, I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything was organized. There was no waiting; people were there when they were supposed to be. Moreover, his staff was highly competent and thorough, checking and rechecking their measurements on my eyes. Dr. Boland himself worked under Dr. Stephen Lichtenstein at the Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia who pioneered many of the cataract surgery techniques and who had dealt with my wife's cataracts forty years earlier. Dr. Boland had also had cataract surgery himself in the recent past, so I felt that he would certainly understand what his patients were undergoing. I had one ordinary lens replaced in my right eye on May 28th and a Toric lens in the left on June 2nd to correct astigmatism. Of the alternatives given to me, I chose the computer driven laser. The operations were quick- I was in and out about two to three hours- and painless. The improvement in my distance vision was immediately noticeable. White walls and lights are now white- not brown. There are no more halos around traffic lights and I can read road signs from a great distance, better, I think than I could when I was young. I can finally see what high-definition television is really all about. I still need reading glasses, but now the sharpness and clarity allows me to take full advantage of the Retina screens on my Apple computer and iPhone. All in all, I feel that I have received a miracle. I can't think of a surgical procedure with such a high benefit to cost and I can't recommend Dr. Boland more highly." - Nelson L.


"The surgeries went as described ahead of time. There was very little discomfort during the procedure. To add some humor and curiosity there were some strange sensations like bubble wrap being pressed against my eye socket. With one eye there were some after surgery surprises apparently not associated with the surgery itself, but with the dryness of my eyes.The unknown associated with that period were rather disconcerting, but Dr. Boland guided me through all of the "extras" to a happy outcome. My revised vision is such a blessing! Having the benefit of the Catalys Precision Laser System made my experience with cataract surgery so much better than what I walked my mom through when she had this surgery using "the old way." - Patricia K.


"When Dr. Boland told me I had cataracts, he also told me that because I had prior eye surgery (RK), that the lens selection would be very difficult. My eyesight got progressively worse. I decided to see about the surgery and scheduled it. I had the non-dominant eye, left eye, first. It was a complete success. A month later the right eye surgery was performed. It was also a complete success. I see clearly both near and far. I recommend Dr. Boland to anyone that tells me they have cataracts. He even personally called me the evenings of the surgeries and checked on my condition."- Joseph C.


"I had laser cataract removal by Dr. Boland. My pre-op and post-op care were outstanding. The medication form was outstanding. Dr. Boland and staff and their pre and post-op care were wonderful. My vision is so good after surgery. I can see with clarity both for distance and close up. I was somewhat concerned regarding the laser operation, but trusted Dr. Boland and his advice. The results have been wonderful. Thank you Dr. Boland." - Peggy S.


"Dr. Boland, Staff, and Surgical Team: There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the care and the extra mile that everyone went to to ensure I had just the right lens for my eye surgery. I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old, soon to be 63 years of glasses. For all those years, I have had huge "old ladies eyes". I am so very happy at the outcome of having normal size looking eyes. Dr. Boland has been taking care of my eyes for over 20 years now and I have never been disappointed with my care. Again, thank you so very much." -Rene A.


"The gift of sight is a huge gift that you have "given" me. I don't know how to thank you enough, except to ask God to bless you abundantly in return fo your kindness and generosity." -Veronica K.


"For anyone considering cataract surgery, I can't say enough good things about my experience. Dr. Boland, his office staff and the sugery center staff were so friendly and nice and made me feel comfortable about the surgery. The laser assisted surgery is painless and quick. Since my surgeries the world is now a brighter and more colorful place! I am so grateful to Dr. Boland." -Ann F.


"I've worn contacts for 23 years- one for closeup and one for distance. When Dr. Boland told me that I had significant cataracts, he told me about the laser surgery and toric lenses. I would not need contacts or eyeglasses anymore. I decided to go with this using the Catalys Precision Laser System. I'm 80 years old and now have 20/20 vision. I couldn't be happier. My experience with the surgery was great. It took about 30 minutes and except for resting the first 24 hours, there were no restrictions. Eye drops are necessary for several weeks to make sure that there is no infection, but that's a small price to pay. I would recommend this to anyone who is a candidate. Dr. Boland is an excellent doctor." - Roxie B.


"From beginning to end my cataract surgery experience with Dr. Boland has been a very positive one. I had previously had my left one done at Boland Eye Center and was very happy with the results. However, the experience with the right eye and using the laser has been exceptional. I now have more vision and am able to see without the use of glasses or contacts with the exception of close up work; such as threading a needle. I couldn't be more pleased. The whole experience and everyone there has been a great one. I highly recommend Dr. Boland and his staff when you are ready for cataract surgery. It is painless and takes less than an hour to totally change your life!" - Deena H.


"Dr. Boland is a very patient and excellent professional! I am always impressed with the kindness and efficiency of his staff and the fact that so many are longstanding employees. This says alot about the office management and Dr. Boland! I put off my first cataract surgery for one "reason or another", however, once the first eye was done I was more than ready for the second eye! I chose the laser surgery and feel grateful this was offered. I am very pleased with my total vision and the whole experience. I was very impressed with the surgical center staff." - June E.


"I had two eye surgeries in October 2015 and want to say how Dr. Boland and his staff at his office and St. Joseph's Hospital made me feel comfortable and very relaxed. At pre-op the staff explained everything to me: what to expect, how to and when to take all drops, and everything was in writing, including types of procedures, costs and when due. My surgeries went very well. Dr. Boland was very calm and reassuring. He called at home that same day to see how I was doing. I've had my eyes checked afterwards. I highly recommend Dr. Boland for any eye treatment." - Shirley G.


"The entire experience has been beyond my expectations! My vision is now 20/20- No more glasses or contacts. The surgery was easy and stress free, thanks to the staff at St. Joseph's/ Candler Sugery Specialty Center and of course, the skill and professionalism of Dr. Boland. I recommend having this procedure with Dr. Boland as it has been truly life changing!" - Eleanore D.


"I was most impressed with the attention to detail and care that Dr. Boland and his staff provided. I was given detailed instructions pre-operatively and during the day of the surgery. Everything went so smooth. I was very impressed with the care of St. Joseph's pre/post op unit. Those professionals know their stuff and made every effort to meet my needs. Now that I'm seeing well- and without glasses, the world has become rosier and the colors so much more vibrant. Great job to a great team. " - Laurel M.


"By November I was ready to have cataract surgery. I chose to have the left eye done in November and the right eye in December. Both procedures were done at the St. Joseph's Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center. Both procedures went well and the care I received was excellent. Downtime was minimal, the day of surgery only. I can see details clearly since the cataract surgery and colors are more vivid. The lens implants done at the time of surgery have enabled me to use glasses for reading only. From my first visit to the Boland Eye Center, I found all the staff to be competent, supportive and encouraging. Dr. Boland and his staff always take the time to explain everything they are going to do and give me the opportunity to ask questions. Without reservations, I highly recommend Dr. Boland for cataract surgery and all your eye care needs." - Maryann C.


"During the last 6-8 months I had noticed several changes in my vision. Nightime driving was difficult, headlights were fuzzy and blurry. Roadsigns were blurry also, I love to sing and notes were hard to read. I was so happy when I received a postcard from Dr. Boland's office informing me that it was time for my yearly exam. Upon completing my eye exam, Dr. Boland informed me of the need to have my cataracts removed. Upon hearing the differences in lenses, we decided on the multi-focal lens and my left eye surgery was performed 1/21/16. Right away I could see better and was so excited to have my right eye surgery, which was 2/4/16. My vision is great now and I can honestly say I had no discomfort or pain at all. I'm so thankful to Dr. Boland and his staff for this wonderful experience, they are truly a blessing." -B. Kight


"My experience was great. No problems with surgery. Very glad that I decided to do laser. I would recommend it for other patients." -S. Chadwick


"Dr. Boland's attention to detail regarding the procedure is greatly appreciated. His caring attitude is comforting. I have complete confidence in him and his staff. The laser cataract surgery was well worth the additional expense. I love my "new" eyes! " - Sherry E.


"My laser cataract surgery was a totally positive experience. I didn't experience any pain during or after. It seemed that the whole process went very quickly." -Peggy A. 


"From the first appointment I was treated with care and respect. The surgical coordinator educated me as to what I could expect and took great care to answer all of my questions. She acted like I was the only paient she had that day, not rushing through the interview. On the day of the surgery I was greeted by a cheerful, professional staff at the Eye Surgery Center. The anesthesiologist came by and explained that while I would not be completely out I would be relaxed. I chose the Catalys Laser surgery. While the machine removed my lens, Dr. Boland was right there with me. They walked me to the surgical suite and Dr. Boland placed my new lens. It felt like it only took 30 minutes or so. I felt no discomfort and it was the easiest surgery I've ever had. I went home within hours. Everyone involved was professional and kind. Dr. Boland bolstered my confidence and allayed any fears...these were, after all, my eyes we're talking about. The night of the surgery, Dr. Boland called me at home to check on me. What docor does THAT these days?? Three weeks later I had my other eye done. I have worn glasses my entire life. Those days are over. I have never had such sharp vision as I do now. I can't recommend Boland Eye Center strongly enough for eye care. I wouldn't go anywhere else. The Center continues to check on my results which surpasses anything I could have expected. Thank you, Dr. Boland!" - Ethel S.


"Ryan Boland has been my physician for many years and over that time I have received stellar care from him.  Kindness, compassion and forward thinking/ability are primary characteristics that come to mind when describing Dr. Boland.  I do not have viable sight in one eye, and Dr. Boland has gone to great lengths to preserve the sight in my healthy eye; and that is why he recommended Catalys laser assisted cataract surgery.  Dr. Boland has surrounded himself with an outstanding staff, including the staff at St. Joseph's Surgery Center.  The entire process, from the initial exam, surgery scheduling, and patient orientation, and careful monitoring throughout the surgery process, as well as Dr. Boland's' surgical expertise resulted in successful surgery that allows me more eyesight clarity and brilliant color perspective than I had imagined possible.  I am a grateful patient!"  -Carol G.






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