Amblyopia/"Lazy Eye"

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The lack of development of clear vision, usually in just one eye. Because this condition is not due to an actual physical problem with the eye, glasses or contacts may not fully correct the vision in that eye. Amblyopia is best treated very early in life, as the prognosis for recovery of clear vision decreases with age. Signs to watch for in children include squinting or closing one eye to see, poor depth perception, an eye turning inward or outward, poor vision in one eye, or headaches. The condition is common; approximately two or three out of every 100 people has Amblyopia.

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"When Dr. Boland suggested Lipiflow for my dry eyes after years of over the counter drops as well as prescription drops, hot compresses, changing makeup and creams, and eventually just going without and still not getting relief – I didn't hesitate to leap at the chance for this procedure. I didn't care about the cost. I wanted my life back and hoped that this might enable the outcome. Let me state without reserve that I couldn't be happier and so grateful that Dr. Boland has invested in this technology!"


"First I want to thank you.  My eyes pretty much always felt dry and uncomfortable.  The most significant thing you taught me was that I was not blinking completely. The exercises you gave me have been quite useful.  On the days I am faithfully doing the exercises, I have comfortable eyes.  I appreciate being given the Lipiflow treatment on my left eye the day I was screened.  The first week, I noticed a bit of improvement in the left eye.  As the second week passed, there is little difference in the two eyes.  I have switched to preservative free drops, however I do not need to use them very often."

-Betty S.



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