Closed or Narrow Angle Glaucoma

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A less common form of Glaucoma is Closed Angle (or Narrow-Angle Glaucoma or Angle-Closure Glaucoma). Closed-Angle Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle of the eye becomes blocked. Unlike Open-Angle Glaucoma, eye pressure usually goes up very fast. The pressure rises because the iris — the colored part of the eye — partially or completely blocks off the drainage angle. People of Asian descent and those with Hyperopia (farsightedness) tend to be more at risk for developing this form of Glaucoma.

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If the drainage angle becomes completely blocked, eye pressure rises quickly resulting in a Closed-Angle Glaucoma attack. Symptoms of an attack include: severe eye or brow pain, redness of the eye, decreased or blurred vision, seeing colored rainbows or halos, headache, nausea, or vomiting.
A Closed-Angle Glaucoma attack is a medical emergency  and must be treated immediately.  Unfortunately, people at risk for developing Closed-Angle Glaucoma often have few or no symptoms before the attack.
People at risk for Closed-Angle Glaucoma should avoid over-the-counter decongestants and other medications where the packaging states not to use these products if you have Glaucoma.


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