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Excess tearing could be the result of several different causes. Often, excess tearing results from the eye overcompensating for surface dryness. If your eyes are dry, the lacrimal gland, which produces the watery layer of your tear film, is stimulated to increase production. This increase in tear quantity without an increase in quality does not always improve dry eye symptoms, so a seemingly non-stop flow of tears continues to flood the eye. Excess tearing could also be the result of a problem with the tear drainage system in your eye. Small openings at the inside corner of your eyelids carry away excess tears, but can occasionally become blocked or lose contact with the tear film due to changes in the eyelid structure. If tears are unable to exit the eye through the normal drainage route, then tears will spill over the lids and run onto your face. Epiphora can also be the result of normal reflexive tearing due to environmental factors such as smoke, wind, or dust.


"An absolutely wonderful experience!  The team was terrific.  I appreciate the thoroughness and the concern that was shown.  My eyesight is great!"

-Karen B.

"When Dr. Boland suggested Lipiflow for my dry eyes after years of over the counter drops as well as prescription drops, hot compresses, changing makeup and creams, and eventually just going without and still not getting relief – I didn't hesitate to leap at the chance for this procedure. I didn't care about the cost. I wanted my life back and hoped that this might enable the outcome. Let me state without reserve that I couldn't be happier and so grateful that Dr. Boland has invested in this technology!"




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