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Boland Eye Center is excited to offer the latest in treatment for evaporative dry eye disease, the LipiFlow.   The innovative LipiFlow  technology works to restore the oily lipid layer of the eye's tear film.  This ground-breaking instrument provides patients with a new, advanced treatment option that was previously only available in prestigious eye centers such as Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia or the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins. The LipiFlow  treatment is available in-office at Boland Eye Center in Savannah. 



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Dry eye disease occurs through a reduction in the quantity of tears produced or a deficiency in the quality of tears produced.  Either of these problems can result in irritated, uncomfortable eyes.  Symptoms of dry eye disease include dryness, scratchiness, burning, watering, itching, and eye fatigue.  Symptoms are often made worse by spending time working on the computer or other near tasks.  More information can be found under Dry Eye Services.

The eye's tear film is made up of three layers: a watery layer, an oily layer, and a mucus layer.  The oily layer is produced by meibomian glands found in the eyelids.  Over time, the meibomian glands can become blocked, which reduces the oil in the tear film and leads to an unstable tear film.  This is known as evaporative dry eye disease.  The LipiFlow  treatment works to open blocked meibomian glands, resulting in a more stable tear film and more comfortable eyes.  In controlled clinical studies of patients who received the LipiFlow  treatment, 79 percent reported improvement in dry eye symptoms after only one treatment.

Call Boland Eye Center today for a dry eye evaluation to determine if  LipiFlow  is the treatment for you!



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