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Boland Eyewear Warranty and Exchange Policies

All patients have a 30 day satisfaction warranty on all new frames and lenses. This warranty means you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return materials and  receive a store credit or return/exchange them for materials of equal or lesser value. Limit one exchange. The 30 day warranty is valid under normal "wear and tear"; any broken or tampered materials will not be returnable. If there are any problems with your purchase due to an error we have made you will be entitled to a full refund if we are not able to correct the problem.

Frame Warranty and Exchange Policy
All frames purchased from Boland Eyewear are guaranteed against manufacturer defect for one year. Frame warranty is void in the event of loss or theft. If the product is discontinued we will replace the discontinued product with a new one of equal or lesser value.

Using Patient's Own Frame
When filling a prescription in a used frame that is not under warranty there is a possibility that the frame may break in the process of lens replacement. Boland Eyewear will not be responsible for replacing those damaged or broken frames.

Progressive Lens Non-Adapt
Under Boland Eyewear's progressive non-adapt policy you have 90 days from the date of purchase to exchange your progressives for another product of equal or lesser value.

Lenses with TD-2 treatment are guaranteed against normal "wear and tear" for two years. If the lenses do scratch within that time frame, new lenses will be ordered to replace the ones that have been damaged. Warranty is void in the event of loss or theft.


These lenses are guaranteed for the life of your prescription (life of your prescription is as long as the prescription is not expired). If you are not completely satisfied we will replace them in the original frame with a pair of untreated lenses at no cost to you. Crizal lenses are warranted against scratching on both sides of the lens for the life of your prescription. During that time, if a lens becomes scratched, we will replace it with an exact duplicate of the original prescription in the original frame.


All merchandise not picked up within four weeks will be returned to the manufacturer. Patients will not be eligible for full refund and will also be subject to a $50.00 product fitting and replacement fee.



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