Refractive Lens Exchange Testimonials

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"I am not sure that I have words to express how exuberant I am about the IOL surgery that was performed recently on both of my eyes.  For those patients who may read this, I was Dr. Boland's first non-cataract patient to have Refractive Lens Exchange surgery, using the Catalys Laser and Symfony lens.  I chose to have the surgery so that I would no longer need to wear my bifocal glasses that I had worn for 20+ years.

Dr. Boland and his staff were tirelessly thorough in testing my eyes, numerous times in some cases, to be certain that they were fitting me with the proper lens and that the surgical laser equipment performed the exact incisions to give me the absolute best result possible.

The surgery only took a few minutes to perform.  There was virtually no discomfort after the procedure and I was amazed how improved my vision was in just 24 hours.  Even though Dr. Boland told me that each patients results differ according to their condition, I attained better than 20/20 vision in both eyes as a result of the surgery.  It is so wonderful to be finally free from the inconvenience and expense of wearing glasses.

Dr. Boland and his entire staff are very personable and extremely caring.  It is obvious that they are motivated by the outcome of the patient and not by the number of procedures they can do in a week.  They pride themselves on offering their patients the very latest procedures using state of the art equipment."   -Stephen L.



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